I am an avid film lover, I have studied film and more recently I try to find work in film, but that’s another issue. For the last year or so I’ve been watching one movie every day. And in nine out of ten cases these are movies that I have not seen before.

This blog is a product of that. I am starting it primarily as a space to put down my thoughts about the films I watch. The pretentious notion that my opinion on these films is worthy of being shared publicly and worthy of reading is exactly that. A bit pretentious. But like I said I am doing this for myself first and foremost, and if no one ends up reading this or any post that will follow it will not stop me from posting daily. 

And yes. That was something of a mission statement. 

I think I need the writing practice, and I think it is a good routine to have and that it will help me further expand my knowledge of film.

These write-ups do not have a predetermined format, so they might end up as simple reviews, opinions or even in-depth analysis type articles. The films I watch and my mind frame on the day of the writing shall determine that.

So yea, I will be writing here every day about the film I saw the day before. I might also diverge on to other subjects like books, games and music eventually. But the daily film must flow.

The film I saw last night was Lost Highway, so yeah… Let’s get on with it.

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